Underwater Adventures is the place where professional and sport divers shop.  We are also the place where sport divers get the best value for their moneyWhat's more, there is no other dive shop in the world more intensely involved in the diving industry.  Only Underwater Adventures has the resources of a Founder with diving experience and know-how dating back to 1950.  Bob Shourot has participated in the field of professional diving, from design and manufacturing to writing. 


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     Robert J. Shourot, Founder of Underwater Adventures, also founded Coastal Diving Academy, New York's oldest professional diver training school, in 1960.  Bob has trained thousands of divers in one of America's fastest growing water sports.

     Bob’s experience and know-how dates back a long time.  Since 1950, he has participated in the field of recreational and professional diving, from design and manufacturing to writing and instruction.  His many years of experience and expertise have earned him the reputation as one of the foremost experts in undersea technology, and international recognition for his innovative approaches to problems.  The list goes on, giving testimony to Bob’s dedication to diver’s education and safety.  His years of experience in teaching diving guaranteed the students under his instruction excellent training.  His knowledge in the many facets of recreational, technical, and professional diving is still well respected in all phases of the dive industry.

     Robert J. Shourot represents a bridge between two eras in the dive industry.  It is through our Founder's attributes ~~ integrity, daring, professionalism, and level-headedness ~~ that we train future divers.  Bob Shourot has inspired many a diver, and his stories will long be remembered and repeated.  His teachings are carried on by our staff and instructors, and will not be lost in an increasingly technical and highly impersonal world.

     “He who taketh from the sea, someday shall repay that which he taketh away."  Three quarters of this planet ‘Earth’ are covered by water.  These ‘oceans’ are our planet's greatest asset ~~ essential to the preservation of life.  The oceans are our final source for food and drinking water.  The exploitation of our last frontier has already begun.  Let us enter into this world of inner space ever mindful that we have no further place to retreat to.    ~~ Bob Shourot

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Robert J. Shourot, Founder of "The Dive Shop," "Undersea Systems," and "Coastal Diving Academy," was  presented with a portrait montage highlighting events from his impressive career.  The portrait was a gift from past employees, students, and friends to honor Shourot's years of dedication to the diving industry and its  people.

Shourot is shown in the portrait wearing a Viking  suit and gear which he designed and used for the first nuclear reactor dives ever made. To contrast this, the portrait also shows Shourot wearing the traditional Mark V dive suit while welding underwater. This dress was the standard during the early years of his long commercial career.

The portrait includes representations of the Research Vessel Black Coral and the Sea Salvor.  Both of these vessels were used to train his commercial diver students. The R/V Black Coral also transported sport divers to dive sites off the Long Island Coast and the Caribbean and was used as a base for many research projects. The Sea Salvor, a 104' crane vessel with tremendous lifting capacity, salvaged many a treasure from the floor of the ocean.

Another part of the montage depicts large container ships and the Navy's Spruance class of destroyers. Shourot led a team of divers who performed a series of hydrodynamic flow studies on both of these ships.  Photos taken by these teams determined erosion and sound patterns and  were instrumental in correcting problems with the ship's original design. More than a dozen war ships were photographed at flank speeds, resulting in the quietest submarine hunters in the world.

Shourot is also seen in the painting taking  underwater photos with one of the many underwater camera housings he designed and manufactured.

The mixed-medium portrait was created by artist Alan Reingold. Reingold is famous for his portraits of statesmen, which frequently appear on the covers of Time and Fortune magazines.

     Christine Shourot, Owner of Underwater Adventures, is one of the first female pioneers in the diving industry, having influenced both the recreational and commercial diving fields.  Her dedication and reliability have enabled the dive companies that she managed to progress and flourish.  Her patience and persistence have supported Bob Shourot in his many diving firsts since the early 70's and continues to support the growth and popularity of both the recreational and commercial diver training programs.                 




     Gary Goodman is the Lead Instructor at Underwater Adventures. His impeccable background and top notch experience can be attributed to his dedication of more than 17 years of service in the United States Navy.

     During his early years, Gary’s initial focus in the Navy was as a Meteorological Forecaster, having advanced to Oceanographic and Meteorological Foreman for anti-submarine warfare.

     After reading the book Shadow Divers, Gary’s desire to become involved in the dive community became apparent in 2010. He pursued this desire and certified as a Navy 1st Class Swimmer and volunteered for the Marine Rescue Team (MRT) as a Rescue Tender. His drive to further his dive training and education continued, and he successfully received his Divemaster and
Instructor certifications through NAUI in 2018.  Currently, he is working on his Course Director designation.


     Having served on board the USS Montpelier as a Navy Submariner, Gary achieved the prestigious certification as Submarine Scuba Diver. Gary’s duties as Torpedo Technician and his keen sense to maintain, build, and recertify submarine torpedoes has allowed him to excel as a proficient and exacting technician in the dive industry.

     His numerous certifications include recognition as a fully certified Open Circuit Equipment Repair Technician through AquaLung, Huish, Zeagle, Atomic Aquatics, Oceanic, Hollis, and Spare Air, to name a few.  Gary’s additional certifications include PSI/PCI Visual Cylinder Tank Inspector, DOT Certified Eddy Current Technician, Valve Repair Technician, Oxygen Blending Cylinder Technician, and Oxygen Cleaning Cylinder Technician. 

     His vast knowledge and attention to detail have led Gary to become a valuable asset to the team at Underwater Adventures. Stop by UWA to chat with Gary ~~ his abilities in the dive industry are second to none and sure to impress.



     James Cook is the NAUI Course Director and First Aid Instructor at Underwater Adventures.  “I am sometimes asked, by divers who have been diving for some period of time, if the Advanced Open Water Diver Program is worth taking. I often hear things like, "I have been doing boat dives for a long time."  You can also substitute the word wreck, deep, decompression, low visibility, or any of several other words in this question. 


     Doing it, and doing it properly and safely are two different things.  I encourage everyone to get proper training for whatever kind of diving they are going to do.  Each level of diving is a building block to go on to the next level.  You cannot become a Master Diver, Divemaster, or Instructor without going through all of the steps to get there. We can all gain something from taking additional dive training programs regardless of our level of experience!


     Dive within your comfort zone and limits of your training, not within the limits someone else wants you to meet.”