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     We are very proud of our store and pleased that we offer both the professional and sport diver “One-Stop Shopping.”  Underwater Adventures is an authorized dealer for AquaLung U.S. Divers, Atomic, Huish, Hollis, Oceanic, Zeagle, Cressi, Henderson, DUI, Sherwood, Princeton Tec, Underwater Kinetics, as well as many other major brands.  As authorized dealers for many manufacturers, we carry a wide product offering and an extensive in-store supply of equipment to meet your diving needs.  We’re sure you will agree when we say that we are:  Where the Professional & Sport Divers Shop!

     Founded by Jacques Cousteau, AquaLung U.S. Divers is the world-known leader in scuba equipment, including regulators, BCD’s, tanks, masks, snorkels, fins, and accessories.  AquaLung is the only manufacturer offering a lifetime warranty for their life support equipment when purchased through an authorized Dealer ~~ now that's impressive!  

     The carefully selected merchandise we carry is the result of many years of underwater experience and quality comparison by myself and the divers of Coastal Diving Academy and Undersea Systems diving contractors. From our dives in nuclear reactors, in freezing cold Arctic waters, and in the wakes of destroyers and container ships, we are able to pass along to you the best in diving gear.

     Who wants to receive their life support dive gear from a warehouse?  The gear you order online is not tested and never assembled.  Why not place your next order with Underwater Adventures and receive the personalized attention you deserve.  Your life should depend upon it!  Call or email us for a price quote!  We will meet or beat any online quote you have received.  Support your local Dive Shop, not some online store that has no interest in you as a diver.  We thank you in advance for your support.   Get your personal quote from Underwater Adventures today!

AquaLung The Essential Package  

The Essential Package Includes:

  • AquaLung Titan Regulator

  • AquaLung Pro HD BCD

  • AquaLung ABS Octopus

  • AquaLung i300C Computer Console


Fully Assembled and Tested

With Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty


AquaLung The Travel Package  

The Travel Package Includes:

  • AquaLung Mikron Regulator

  • AquaLung Zuma Travel BCD

  • AquaLung ABS Octopus

  • AquaLung i300C Computer Console


Fully Assembled and Tested

With Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty

AquaLung The Women's Package  

The Women's Package Includes:

  • AquaLung Titan Regulator

  • AquaLung Pearl BCD

  • AquaLung ABS Octopus

  • AquaLung i300C Computer Console

Fully Assembled and Tested

With Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty



  •   Regulator, Octo, Console, BCD Packages:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Atomic, Zeagle, Oceanic)

  •   Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Booties Packages:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Atomic, Sherwood)

  •   Buoyancy Compensators:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Zeagle, Atomic, Oceanic)

  •   Regulators:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Atomic, Zeagle, Oceanic, Sherwood, Poseidon)

  •   Depth / Pressure Gauge Consoles:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Oceanic, Suunto)

  •   Tanks:  (Aluminum 50, 63, 80, & 100 cu. ft. / LP & HP Steel 80, 100 & 120 cu. ft.)

  •   Knives, Spearguns, etc. :  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Oceanic, Mares, JBL, A.B. Biller)

  •   Underwater Cameras and Housings:  (Nikon, Ikelite, SeaLife Reefmaster, Bonica)

  •   Weights & Weight Belts:  (Lead, "soft" lead shot in mesh bags by Sea Pearls)

  •   Dive Computers:  (AquaLung U.S. Divers, Atomic, Oceanic, and Suunto)

  •   Wet Suits and Dry Suits:  (DUI, Viking, Henderson, Deep See, Typhoon, Bare, Xcel, O’Neill)

  •   Underwater Lights:  (Pelican, Princeton Tec, Ikelite, Underwater Kinetics)

  •   Swim and Apparel:  (Tee Shirts, Swimsuits, Dive Watches, and Jewelry)

  •   Numerous Dive Accessories:  (Gear Bags, Retractors, coil lanyards, dive slates, clips, cords, buckles, mask defog, cleaners, whistles, straps, and much more!)

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