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About Us


With Underwater Adventures, you're not just learning to dive — you're mastering it. From the foundational Open Water Scuba Diver course to advanced levels like Master Diver, and even professional certifications like Divemaster and Instructor, we have it all.


Trust in our unmatched legacy. With over 50 years of experience in the diving industry, our expertise is your assurance. Dive with confidence, knowing you're trained by the best in the Virginia area. Dive into learning with our specialized small classes. With a typical student to Instructor/Divemaster ratio of 4:1, receive the focused atention you deserve. Need extra training? We've got your back.


Chris Shourot


 Chris worked with Bob Shourot through his many diving firsts since the early 70's and continues to support the growth and popularity of the recreational diver..

Her dedication and reliability have enabled the dive companies that she managed (both in the recreational and commercial diving fields) to progress and flourish. 

Chris' vast knowledge and perfected ability to plan the perfect dive vacation for you are impressive.  The vacations she designs will spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonder, and enrich your understanding of our World.  Whether you are seeking luxury or simplicity, her attention to detail will surely satisfy your every desire!

"I haven't been everywhere,

but it's on my list.”

Shourot Montage

Robert J. Shourot


Bob’s experience and know-how dates back to the 1950's, earning him the reputation as one of the foremost pioneers in undersea technology, His knowledge and dedication to diver's education and safety in the many facets of recreational, technical, and professional diving is still well respected in all phases of the dive industry.

Bob Shourot represents a bridge between two eras in the dive industry.  It is through our Founder's attributes ~~ integrity, daring, professionalism, and level-headedness ~~ that we train future divers.  Bob Shourot has inspired many a diver, and his stories will long be remembered and repeated.  His teachings are carried on by our staff and instructors, and will not be lost in an increasingly technical and highly impersonal world.

“He who taketh from the sea, someday shall repay that which he taketh away." 


Gary Goodman

Instructor Trainer / First Aid Instructor

Gary's impeccable background and top-notch experience can be attributed to his dedication of more than 20 years of service in the United States Navy.

Gary’s desire to become involved in the dive community became apparent in 2010, and his passion to dive has only increased his thirst to learn more and his desire to train competent divers who love the sport just as much as he does.

Gary's vast knowledge, exacting patience, and attention to detail have led him to become a valuable asset to the team at Underwater Adventures.

Stop by UWA to chat with Gary ~~ he is always willing to share his knowledge with other divers.

"There is always something more to learn."

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